You can contact Enforce by dialing +351 275 099 911 and choose option 4.

Or you can go to the “Support” menu choose “Request for Assistance”, describe your problem and “submit” your request which will be reviewed by our technical team who will contact you as soon as possible.

Enforce divides interventions by the following types:

  • Non-present Diagnosis
  • Diagnostic Intervention
  • Preventive Operation and Maintenance Intervention
  • Correction Intervention

“Non-present Diagnosis” is carried out by one of our technicians by telephone with the customer, analyzing various simple observation parameters with easy correction, such as circuit breaker tripping or modem blocking.

Diagnostic interventions are carried out by our technical team at the problem site, where a complete system inspection is performed and not only the reported problem and if any equipment needs replacement, the value is displayed and if applicable whether it is the technical team’s current stock and the accepted value, the problem is solved on time. (only valid for small production facilities).

Preventive Operation and Maintenance interventions include the execution of an annual maintenance contract, where such intervention is scheduled.

The correction intervention follows a request for analysis, where the problem is analyzed, the solution diagnosed and a budget is prepared with the correction proposal, and the intervention is only executed if the client accepts the diagnosis and the budget.

Diagnostic interventions have a standard value, but to better serve you we have various intervention types and prices according to the customer typology, whether standard or premium. Enter our website and request a quote through the “Request Quote” and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Customer STANDARD SERVICE is entitled to monthly monitoring and in case of need for equipment replacement, due to malfunction, maintenance, analysis and resolution, is not entitled to “replacement equipment” the Customer with PREMIUM SERVICE besides Hourly Monitoring, automatic alerts. , production history by hour, day, month and year is entitled to replacement equipment in case of malfunction, maintenance, analysis and resolution, so as not to have production losses.

Electric Mobility

The user must review the commercial offers submitted by the EMET and should enter into a contract with one of the EMET. Upon hiring, EMET will give you a new card for access to the MOBI.E network, which will allow you to upload to any FCP, or PCP (in a private location) of the network.

The invoice (or any attachments) sent by EMET discriminates against the cost of using the post.

Yes. You can have User cards from more than one EMET. The possibility of having more than one card from the same EMET depends on the policy of each EMET, and there is no obligation in this regard.

Yes, there is no limitation on the structure and values ​​of the EMET pricing. However, in the invoice presented to the user, EMET will have to break down the energy components, charging station utilization and any State incentives / subsidies applied.

The electric vehicle can be charged at all points of the MOBI.E Network. The MOBI.E network has more than 1,200 standard charging points and 11 fast charging points available to users. For available charging points see the MOBI.E website at

This network also includes charging points other than the pilot network points, which are mainly located in car parks, shopping centers, hotels, airports or service areas.

Electric vehicle charging can still be done at home. However, its installation must comply with the technical conditions defined in Portaria n.º 252/2011. D.R. n.º 121, Série I de 2011-06-27.