Self-consumption is probably the most meaningful approach to decentralized electricity production.

“At ENFORCE, we say it’s our “beach”. Making photovoltaic installations, integrated into buildings, open ground or even carport shading structures, it’s what we like the most.”

Each building has a solar generating potential that needs to be explored. Making a good design of a photovoltaic system for self-consumption is our daily work.

Each customer has their consumption profile. Only by studying your hourly consumption and understanding the available area, we can conduct a rigorous production study, with all the technical and economic results, that a decision maker needs, to provide the investment decision, in the sustainability of his business.


ENFORCE has two modalities that allows investment realization.

Own Investment – The Client is responsible for the complete investment value and reaps all the benefits arising therefrom;

Third Party Investment – The client does not invest (or may invest a smaller part) and receives a revenue share (% of the investment benefit) during the contracted period that may be extended to a maximum duration of 15 years.