O&M - Operation and Maintenance of Transformer Stations and Substations

As responsible technicians of operating electrical installations, we periodically carry out the necessary inspections and measurements to ensure the proper of transformer stations and substations functioning (PT and SE) as well as other installations.

Not only the quality of the energy we have but also the safety of the facilities we have under responsibility depend on the periodic and conscientious carrying out of these checks, so we regard it as a global responsibility. In addition to the mandatory measurements, we also perform thermographic analyzes and verify the existence of safety equipment and the general conditions of the electrical installation.

We also perform Preventive and Corrective Maintenance operations, including Transformation Station cleaning.

OMM - Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring of Photovoltaic Plants

In all photovoltaic centrals, in any grid connection regime, it is essential to have an active, a Central Maintenance plan. It is our understanding as experts with more than 1000 OMM customers that Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring of photovoltaic installations is essential to maintain the initial performance of the Power Plant.

Only an effective OMM plan, returns the expected benefit of the PV, not leading to unexpected losses that leads to the technology discredit.

The bankability of many photovoltaic projects also depends to a large extent on this very important activity over the lifetime of the installation. Moreover, a strict OMM even helps to extend the lifetime of the PV centrals.

Hourly online monitoring helps mitigate production losses from unusual and unrecoverable events.

Only a technical team with knowledge and permanent dedication can respond in real time to such occurrences.

At ENFORCE we have created “Monitforce”, a monitoring platform, that monitors both production and consumption (in the case of self-consumption), which allows us to monitor all our customers’ or others facilities from the comfort of our Monitoring Room, also generating remote instructions per site, if local action is required.

Access to “REQUEST QUOTE” and request a quote, to have your installation monitored by Enforce, avoiding further production losses.