It is part of our daily concerns the constant need to improvement our products, services and processes.

A certain unsatisfaction about everything we build and do, is the engine of our Innovation culture.

Listening to stakeholders, reflecting on their needs and concerns leeds us to plan and implement solutions, going a long way in Research & Development, always applied to each product, service or process.

To make this happen, we annually set goals and targets to our R&D activities, which are periodically monitored and simultaneously analyzed for any deviations.

Our ability to integrate national and international consortia’s in R&D projects, is well evident in the latest work.

Respect and the environment conservation become one of the main concerns and priorities for any company operating on a global scale.
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, causing noise levels and reducing the consumption of energy resources is imperative to fulfill the mission of sustainable environmental improvement.

ENFORCE develops its activity reconciling its results with social justice and the environment.

Commits itself to comply with applicable environmental regulations and to implement best practices in Environmental Management, thereby contributing to sustainable development.

To ensure this commitment, ENFORCE:

  • Guarantees that the planning and development of its activity takes place in compliance with environmental values;
  • Sensitizes and trains its employees to be aware of their individual and collective responsibilities in protecting the environment and improving the quality of life;
  • Develops practices to avoid pollution or at least reduce it, ensuring an appropriate final destination for waste generated, favoring recycling / recovery;
  • Whenever possible use non-aggressive products and services to the environment;
  • Encourages the development of good environmental practices among suppliers, customers and other stakeholders;
  • Improves the use of consumables, energy and water;
  • Establishes objectives and goals to minimize our environmental impacts, continuously and sustainably improving the use of available resources.

ENFORCE adopts an attitude of openness to the communication and disclosure of this policy, both internally and for the public and society in general.