22nd birthday of ENFORCE

And suddenly 22 years passed. Congratulations to you!

It’s amazing how you don’t realize the time, when we are involved in the growth and affirmation of all that we most want. It happens like this, with our children, perhaps with our grandchildren (I don’t have one yet), but also with our companies.

When we decide to create and grow a company, it’s like one of our children. ENFORCE is today a company, which was born 22 years ago, grew and is there as everyone knows it, a “LADY”! Moreover, today it is a business reality that goes far beyond the commercial company I founded in 2001.

It is therefore an immense pride to be able to continue counting years of its growth. The company is today, the result of the determination of its management, but above all, the result of the commitment and dedication of all its employees. Even those who, no longer part of our staff, helped us to grow. Of course, we are also happy for having contributed a lot to your professional and even personal path. Today, they are certainly better prepared citizens.

The vision of the future, the culture and education, which we have always passed on and continue to pass on to all those who are part of ENFORCE, have left an indelible mark, which is recognized by everyone and by our customers.

Today is the day to celebrate this path! Today is the day to celebrate this ambition of yours and ours.

João Nuno Serra